How Sponsors Support Artists

Artomatic gives your organization or company visibility both on site and on the web over the duration of the event, providing an opportunity to showcase your products and services to an engaged and diverse audience. Because this event offers a limited number of sponsorship opportunities, participation will provide your organization a branding and marketing opportunity that will position you as a clear supporter of the creative economy. People come from Washington, DC.., Maryland, Virginia, and beyond — bringing unprecedented awareness to its location and partners. Don’t miss your chance to:

  • Reach between 50,000 and 70,000 attendees, including young professionals and those with a wide range of income levels.
  • Showcase your company as a supporter of the creative economy.
  • Highlight your name in the promotional campaign.


Get Involved

Because Artomatic is a non-profit and there is no admission fee for the public to enter our events, we rely on volunteers to serve as staff for our events. Staff members welcome the public, advertise our events, run security and perform a variety of other duties to ensure a successful event.