How it works

Artomatic is a pop-up, six-week, art festival that seeks to build community around the arts. Artomatic works with developers to take over a building where artists of all talents can showcase their work. Artomatic relies on artists and volunteers to staff our events so that everyone attending our events is surrounded by talent. We thrive in building networks among artists and in connecting artists with the surrounding community. Please join us, bring your friends and support the arts!

Location & Dates

Register to Participate

Because Artomatic is a non-profit, we rely on artists and volunteers to staff our events. This allows us to keep our registration fee lower than other art festivals. All artists (performers, visual, installation, sculptors, literary, entertainers and others) must register by creating a profile. As part of that registration process, individuals must pay the registration fee, volunteer for 3 shifts of 5 hours each (a total of 15 hours) and upload a bio and images. Hope you can join us for our next Artomatic.


Join The Event Staff

Artomatic provides an opportunity for non-artists to also volunteer for our events. You can register to be an event staff member at no cost, but we ask that you complete the registration form. Depending on your experience with large events, we might ask you to help us before, during or after the event. This is a great way to meet artists of all talents and gain a better understanding of how Artomatic has sustained itself for 20 years.


Get Involved

Because Artomatic is a non-profit and there is no admission fee for the public to enter our events, we rely on volunteers to serve as staff for our events. Staff members welcome the public, advertise our events, run security and perform a variety of other duties to ensure a successful event.

Log in to your participant profile

If you are participating in Artomatic, you have already created a profile. You may log in here to check in on the date and time of your shift, and at the end of your shift to report any incidents. You can log into your online profile any time